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The product spectrum of "PERUN-SPRINT" Ltd. is growing dynamically. The main activity of the company is in the area of education, publishing and advertisement, research, consulting and innovations.



"PERUN-SPRINT" Ltd. organizes courses and lessons for students and employees in different subjects.
The courses are grouped in three schools:
1. Language school "SPRINT-M".
2. Art school "MEDIA-M".
3. Science and technology school "SOFIA-M".
Our vision is high quality at good prices. Our mission is to give good know-how. Our efforts are incorporated in our students' success.
There must be at least five students for a standard course. In the case where there are less than five students it is possible a mini-course to start with a smaller number of students. We offer also distant individual lessons with English as a langiage of instruction.

Language courses - "SPRINT-M"

The language school "SPRINT-M" offers language courses in the following languages: English, Russian, French, Bulgarian, Spanish, German and Italian. The courses are for three levels: basic, medium and high level.

Course Total number of hours Price
English 30 hours 180 EURO
Spanish 30 hours 180 EURO
Russian 30 hours 180 EURO
German 30 hours 180 EURO
French 30 hours 180 EURO
Italian 30 hours 180 EURO
Bulgarian 30 hours 180 EURO

Art courses - "MEDIA-M"

The art school “MEDIA-M” offers the following courses: literature, journalism, painting, photography, advertising and design, models (for photography).

Course Total number of hours Price
Literature 24 hours 144 EURO
Journalism 24 hours 144 EURO
Painting 24 hours 144 EURO
Photography 24 hours 144 EURO
Advertising and design 24 hours 144 EURO
Models (for photography) 16 hours 96 EURO

Science and technology courses - "SOFIA-M"

The school of science and technology “SOFIA-M” offers education in three main areas: “Science”, “Technology”, and “Art”. It is for three levels: first level (secondary school level, basic profeessional skils), second level (bachelor degree level, medium professional skils) and third level (master, PhD and upper level, high professional level). The program of “SOFIA-M” includes different disciplines: mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, economics, politics etc.

Course Total number of hours Price
Object oriented programming with C++ and C# 40 hours 240 EURO
Web-programming (HTML, Java Script) 40 hours 240 EURO
Data bases (Oracle) 40 hours 240 EURO
Mathematics for universities - different topics 30 hours 180 EURO
FOREX trade 40 hours 240 EURO

Course or lesson Price
Four students 7.50 EURO/hour
Three student 10 EURO/hour
Two students 15 EURO/hour
One student 30 EURO/hour
Individual lesson at the home/office of the student 40 EURO/hour


The publishing department of "PERUN-SPRINT" Ltd. reproduces in different forms scientific and art products and current information in the area of economy, policy, and culture.
The department maintains the site GLOBE - a megaportal for economy, policy, and culture.
The publishing department makes computer typing, printing, proof-reading and editing of English and Bulgarian texts, as well as translations from Russian, English and French to Bulgarian. The department focuses mainly on low-cost paper editions.

Research, consulting, and innovations

The department makes research in the area of the natural sciences, arts, and engineering. It also gives consultations and introduces innovations in the field of the industry, agriculture, forestry, trade, transportation, tourism, communications, education, economy, and state administration.
The prices are calculated for each individual project.
Since 2002, “PERUN-SPRINT” Ltd. follows its own research program too. Research is in three fundamental areas: “Science”, “Technology”, and “Art”.
Research in area “Science” includes the branches: “Mathematics”, “Informatics”, “Physics”, “Chemistry”, “Biology”, “Cognitive sciences”, “Geography, planets, and space”, and “Urbanization and sustainable development”.
Research in area “Technology” includes the branches: “Materials technology”, “Power engineering”, “Information technology”, “Mechanical and chemical engineering”, “Biotechnology”, “Civil engineering and architecture”, “Ocean engineering”, and “Aeronautics and astronautics”.
Research in area “Art” includes the branches: “Politics”, “Economics”, “History and anthropology”, and “Linguistics”.
“PERUN-SPRINT” Ltd. is the first and only private research SME company in Bulgaria which includes so wide spectrum of branches of knowledge in its research program.