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Notes for Contributors
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Scope of the journal

Papers published in Journal of International Economy and Business (JIEB) may be either:
- research papers in international economy and business;
- review papers related to international economy and business;
- papers in international economy and busibess presented at conferences that do not publish their proceedings or publish their proceedings and have contract with JIEB selected high quality papers to be published also in JIEB.

Publishing policy

Papers submitted to the Journal of International Economy and Business (JIEB) are considered on the understanding that they have not been published previously and are not under consideration by another publication. The only exception is in the case of highest quality paper published in proceedings of a conference which committee has signed a contract for publishing selected conference papers in JIEB.
Accepted papers will not be published elsewhere without the written permission of JIEB.

Consideration fees

In order a paper to be reviewed for publishing a fee of 50 euro should be paid and this fee is not refundable if the paper is not approved for publishing. Paiment should be maid by bank transfer to the following bank account:
In order an approved paper to be published an additional fee of 50 euro should be paid. Paiment should be maid by bank transfer to the following bank account:

Requirements for papers

Submitted papers should be in English. It is the author's responsibility to ensure an acceptable standard of language, and a paper failing to meet this requirement may go back to the author for rewriting before being sent out for review.
Papers must state the names and postal and email addresses of all authors, and should also include:
- a short abstract of 410 lines giving a description of the subject matter and results; - a list of keywords detailing the contents;
It is obligatory to use one of the following paper templates available here:

Paper submission

Papers should be submitted as electronic files attached in an e-mail.
The e-mail should have:
- the paper as an attached file not exceeding 1Mb and organized according to one of the templates;
- a receipt for the review fee payment;
- a subject line that contains the word "Submission".
All submissions will be acknowledged by acceptance letter.

Peer reviews
After submitting a paper it will be peer-reviewed.
The research journal is peer-reviewed and independently edited by acknowledged experts in their fields. Reviewers are appointed by the journal editor.
Peer review has two key functions:
-To act as a filter and determine the validity, significance and originality of the work to ensure only good research is published.
-To improve the quality of research submitted for publication by giving reviewers the opportunity to suggest improvements.

Subscription can be made by sending a mail to The price per volume is 40 euro.

Once the subscription is maid and paid it can not be cancelled and there is no refund of the fee.
No refund is available also of fees for review or publication of papers.


ISSN 2367-6035
Publisher: PERUN-SPRINT Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria, EU
Editor-in-Chief: Pavel Stoynov (Bulgaria).
Editorial Board: Goran Karanovic (Croatia), Bisera Karanovic (Macedonia), Radmila Jovanovic (Serbia), Tanja Angelkova (Macedonia), Nako Taskov (Macedonia), Nikola Dimitrov (Macedonia), Daniel Belingher (Romania), Alexandru Bodislav (Romania), Roberta Stanef (Romania), Zeljko Bjeljac (Serbia).
Journal of International Economy and Business provides a forum for original research and reviews in the area of International Economy and Business.
The journal emphasizes both theoretical aspects as well as the applications of modern economy, policy, business and culture.
Readership and authorship: researchers in ecomnomics, management, marketing, business administaration, public administration.

Notes for Contributors
How to subscribe
Cancellations & Refunds